Workshop and Training Program

Workshop and Training Program

Key Points:-

Workshop are one- time only sessions on specific topic (e.g. managing anxiety, stress, anger) that are offered to students at various times throughout the academic year : students may register for workshop through contact us Call on 9860286939 , 9890011428.

1. Training Programme: -

Our training programmes offered throughout the year at our centre or at connected institutions they are designed to help you move your life/ career forward by offering training in all facts at career , professional and personality development. Please ask for these programmes on 9890011428.

2. Career Exploration:-

If you are undecided to choosing the major , come to our workshops, career fairs and learn the importance of choosing a major exploring different career option using personality / aptitude test methods and taking advantage of all your resources. Vacation is the best period for these training & workshops.

3. C V Writing Workshop: -

Learn how to write a C V including different formats, Styles and the function of a C V compared to a resume.

4. Goal setting for your Job Search: -

Identifying and setting goals provide direction that lead to positive result with your career search this workshop will help you to create clear focused and realistic goals.

5. Wellness Programme: -

Stress Management, creative stress relief, relaxation / Mindfulness/ Meditation, sleep hygiene, anger management.

6. School Programme: -

Preparation for exams, time management, mind mapping, memory and recall techniques, behavior modification and value education.

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